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Walt Disney World’s Epcot has been going through a transformation over the past few years. The D23 Expo in August of 2019 unveiled several enhancements that were coming to Epcot, only to be put on hold or delayed due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Attractions, Shopping, and More included in the Epcot Updates

The exciting news is that Epcot is moving along in late 2021 and into 2022. For the past 8 months, Remy’s Ratatouille has been open, and fans and guests are loving it. The next round of enhancements featured the re-opening of Club Cool hosted by Coca-Cola. Club cool is the infamous soda fountain station with Coca-Cola sodas from all over the world.  Finally, Creations Shop, a large merchandise store that replaced Mouse Gears gives guests more room to move around when shopping for their favorite things.

Dining in the Stars at Space 220

Earlier this year, the restaurant Space 220 opened near the Mission Space attraction. This restaurant takes visitors on a journey to space!  Your travels come complete with windows to outer space, surrounding diners throughout the whole restaurant.

In late April, Connections Café and Connections Eatery opened, featuring food such as pizza, burgers, salads, and the much-desired new Starbucks Café. Seating in this building is abundant, which will help with getting the crows out of the hot humid Florida weather. Connections Cafe and Eatery offer a spacious place to visit to cool off in the air conditioning. There is also a huge hand-painted mural that wraps around a large wall that you gotta see!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

The most exciting opening so far in 2022 is coming on May 27th with Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind, in EPCOT’s Discovery neighborhood. This is a family-friendly coaster that features a reverse launch and rotating ride vehicle.

Coming Soon to Epcot

Coming in the not-too-distant future to Epcot will be, Journey of Water, inspired by Moana.  This attraction is a beautiful walking trail that invites guests to experience water in a whole new way.

All of these wonderful additions are connected via the four neighborhoods within Epcot. Those neighborhoods are World Celebration, World Discovery, World Showcase, and World Nature. Other enhancements were originally scheduled for 2019.  These plans, such as the Mary Poppins experience in the UK Pavilion, and another restaurant with an observation deck, are put on hold indefinitely now. I’d love to see the proposed plans come to fruition, but only time will tell.

Check out some of the updated artist’s renderings of what we can expect once WallCOT comes down and Epcot gets back into the swing of things.  Credit to Disney Parks Blog for the images!

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EPCOT Updates for May 2022


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