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I have seen people posting about this, and I figured that it only makes sense to do the same for our family’s favorites. People were asked to give their favorite Walt Disney World Restaurant, Walt Disney World Resort, Disney World Character Dining Experience, and Disney World Snack. While we have discussed each of these things together as a family while thinking about and planning our next trip, it is not something that we have put on paper (or the internet). While we have not visited all of the resorts or restaurants, here is our list!

Favorite Disney World Resort

cabinbunkbeds Favorite things at Disney World
The girls checking out the bunk beds.

We loved the Cabins at Fort Wilderness. While travel to and from certain parks becomes a little more of a hassle because of there not being bus stops and boat transportation within walking distance of most of the cabins, there are a plethora of other pros that take this resort to the top of the list for us. First, the cabin at the end of the day can’t be beaten for our family of 4. After a long day in the park, we all unwind in our own ways. I like to watch the news to see what I missed while in the parks while enjoying a nice adult beverage. Kalynda likes to get in the shower to wash the day away followed up by turning the TV on and passing out. My daughters like to shower and crawl into the bunk beds and watch their electronics and pass out. It is nice to have a separate room to be able to do what we want as opposed to so many of the traditional hotel rooms provided by the other resorts. Also, it is nice to get up and cook breakfast before heading out each day. Not only is it better food (because I am such an amazing cook), but it also allows us to save our meal credits for the pricier lunches and dinners. Finally, driving around the resort and seeing all of the decorations that some of the guests use makes for a fun way to end the night.

Favorite Disney Restaurant

sanaadessert Favorite things at Disney World
Chloe loved painting her dessert.

We can never agree on what is our favorite Disney restaurant. After much discussion and consideration, I think that our final answer has to be Sanaa. Not only is it great to make the trip over to the Animal Kingdom Villas, but it is also nice to walk around the resort and see the animals, the shows, and the beautiful scenery. I have to admit that the bread service has to be one of the best appetizers that I have ever had. Every time we visit here, we always have great service, the food is always just as good as expected, and the views of the Savannah are an awesome addition to an already great dining experience. On another note, you cannot forget that it is impossible to beat Be Our Guest for lunch while visiting Disney World on the Quick Service meal plan.

Favorite Disney Character Dining Experience

DSCN0584 Favorite things at Disney World
Watching the fireworks from Cinderella’s Royal Table.

This is hard to answer as we have had some great experiences. Over the last few years, we have experienced the Crystal Palace for dinner, Garden Grill, Hollywood and Vine – Disney Junior Play and Dine, and a few others, but, on our very first visit to Disney World, we ate at Cinderella’s Royal Table. We were there late, after a very long couple of days in the park, but we were there in time to view the fireworks from our table. It was such a magical experience that my older daughter was able to experience, and now I hope to let my youngest daughter experience it one day.

Favorite Disney Snack

mickeycinnamonroll Favorite things at Disney World

The first thing when we head into the park is to look for the Starbucks. Once we are in, we each get our coffee of choice and then we get a couple of the Mickey Cinnamon Rolls. This snack/drink combo can’t be beaten! That said, there are so many snacks available across each park, resort, and Disney Springs that it would take years to try them all. While I have enjoyed so many snacks over the years, I think that it is just easiest to say the Mickey Cinnamon Roll!

What are your Favorites?

Leave a comment below and let me know your family’s favorites. The good thing is this; there are no right or wrong answers! Don’t forget to like our posts and share them with all of your Disney Fanatic friends!

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The Best of Walt Disney World
The Best of Walt Disney World

By Chris Jensen

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