Disney MagicBands

What are Disney MagicBands?

The Magic Band is your key to anything and everything at Disney World. Disney uses RFID technology to enable you the comfort and ease of not needing to carry tickets and cards.  The MagicBands are similar to a watch in the fact that you can wear it on your wrist.  I have also seen people wearing them on their ankles or on their backpacks, but I would not recommend this as it is so much easier to just tap your wrist and go! The MagicBands come in a wide variety of colors that you can select from as part of your package if you are planning an on-property vacation or if you are a Walt Disney Annual Passholder.  If you purchase off-property, you will not get magic bands, but you will still be able to purchase a MagicBand and link your tickets if you would like.

What can my MagicBand do?

What are Disney MagicBands?
Basic Disney-Issued MagicBand.

With your MagicBand, you will have the opportunity to do so many things!  If you are staying in a Disney Resort hotel room, you will be able to use the MagicBand to unlock your room.  You will also be using your MagicBand to enter any of the four parks or two water parks.  If you have booked your fast passes, you will use your MagicBannd to check into the separate FastPass+ entrances.  One of my favorite benefits of the MagicBand is the fact that it is connected to your Disney PhotoPass.  Whether or not you are paying for the PhotoPass, you will still be able to touch your MagicBand to the photographer’s reader to get immediate access to your amazing Disney Photos!  Finally, when you check into your hotel, if you put down a credit card, you will be able to charge any purchases to your room using your Magic Band.  While this does make things really easy, you need to be conscious of what you are charging so that you don’t get any unwanted surprises the night before you check out!

I see Really CoolMagic Bands.  Where do I get them?

If you want, you can go online to Disney.com or go to any store in the parks or at Disney Springs and purchase MagicBands.  If you are looking for white, Millennial Pink, or black, you can purchase them.  Also, in any Disney store, you will find so many different MagicBand options.  No matter your favorite character, your favorite ride, your favorite park, or your favorite anything Disney, there is probably a MagicBand for you.  If you are looking for a much cheaper option but still want a snazzy MagicBand, look around online or on Instagram for MagicBand skins.  There are so many options to choose from.  Many of the people that sell them will also do a variety of customizations as well, so the possibilities are literally endless.

Big Hero Magic Band Disney MagicBands
This is the one I am buying for my next trip!


What about you?

What does your MagicBand look like?  Do you have one of the simple ones that Disney provides for free?  Do you have an ultra-rare limited-edition Magic Band?  Is your MagicBand blinged out with fancy skins?  Show me your pictures in the comments below.  If you like what we are serving up, please feel free to like and subscribe to our content as we put out fresh content every day!  Also, please share our posts with your Disney Fanatic friends!

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What are MagicBands and Why Do I Need One
What are MagicBands and Why Do I Need One?

By Chris Jensen

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