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If you have ever visited Walt Disney World, you know that the words Disney World vacation and (insert ANY diet name here) diet definitely do not go hand in hand.  While this is the case, if you are living a Keto lifestyle, you can still enjoy your trip while eating Keto at Magic Kingdom.  The longer that I have gone on my Keto journey, the easier it has become to completely overcome any cravings for carbs and sugar.  That said, Disney World is a little harder to tackle.  But, if you can stay strong and avoid temptations, it can be done! 

Focus on Staying in Ketosis – Not on the Caloric Intake

When I am at home, I am very strict with my calorie intake as well as my macros.  At Disney World, I focus more on staying in keto without really focusing on the calories.  I mean, I am on vacation, and I am walking like 10 miles a day while in the parks. While at the Magic Kingdom, there are many things that you can do to stay in ketosis.  If you are in a table-service restaurant, let the host know that you have certain dietary restrictions and they will send out a chef to discuss your options.  You can almost always make the changes necessary to stay in ketosis.  With the quick-service restaurants and snacks, it can be a little harder, but still very possible.  Over the next few days/posts, I will go over what I ate to remain in ketosis.  This post will be covering my day in the Magic Kingdom, so be sure to subscribe to our page so that you can get updated with my posts that cover the other parks as well.

Keto breakfast is so easy to do!

Eating Keto at Magic Kingdom
Eating Keto at Magic Kingdom
Eating Keto at the Magic Kingdom at Crystal Palace

Like at home, breakfast is always the easiest meal to eat while in ketosis.  We were staying at Pop Century during our last stay, so I just grabbed breakfast at one of the resort’s quick-service stations in the cafeteria.  That said, you can go to any table-service or quick-service restaurant on the property and get bacon, eggs, sausage, cheese, sour cream, etc.  Once in the park, I head over to the Starbucks (Main Street Bakery) to grab a Venti Iced Coffee with heavy cream and a couple of sweet-n-lows.  If you like to load up at breakfast, I would definitely suggest checking into the Crystal Palace for a great Keto breakfast in the Magic Kingdom.  In addition to the plethora of keto breakfast options, you will also have an omelet station where you can get a good mix of veggies and cheese mixed into your omelet. 

Eating Keto for Lunch at Be Our Guest

beastcastle 1 Eating Keto at Magic Kingdom
Eating Keto at the Magic Kingdom at Be Our Guest

While I could have easily opted for a Jumbo Turkey Leg while making my way around the Magic Kingdom, I knew that I would be eating a half-chicken for dinner – also we had managed to book a lunch at Be Our Guest.  My last visit to Be Our Guest led me to the amazing Braised Pork (Coq Au Vin Style).  While this meal was amazing and could have easily been made keto by removing the mashed potatoes and carrots, I went in a different direction.  Being that I loaded up at breakfast, I wasn’t starving, so I actually ordered the Grilled Shrimp off of the kid’s menu.  It comes with like 5 grilled shrimp, broccoli, and peach applesauce that I gave to one of my daughters.

Eating Keto for Dinner at Starlight Ray’s Cosmic Cafe

As I mentioned earlier, I was looking forward to the ½ Rotisserie Chicken from Starlight Ray’s Cosmic Café.  Now, I will admit that it is very rare that I will actually go to or even look forward to eating at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, but after doing some research before our trip, I was actually excited about dinner here!  This meal did not disappoint!  The ½ chicken is served with mashed potatoes and green beans.  Once again, my daughters were in luck as they scored an additional serving of mashed potatoes, but the chicken and green beans were very good, and definitely did the trick!  Another great thing about Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café is the fact that they do have mobile ordering, so we were able to place our order ahead of time as opposed to waiting in line.

Keto Snacks at the Magic Kingdom

When it comes to snacks at the Magic Kingdom, there are not very many great options.  But, when Toy Story Land opened up, Disney struck a deal with Babybel, so you can now find mini Babybel snack cheeses at many of the snack carts and stores.  While I would never waste a snack credit on a Babybel cheese, they do have them all over the parks for $3.49.  In the Magic Kingdom, I found them at the Liberty Square Market and bought a few and threw them in our little cooler.  They also had whole pickles for $1.99 each, so I picked up a couple of them as well.  I think my daughters actually ate one of them as I was never hungry enough to get to both of them!

Keto Babybel Cheese Snack Eating Keto at Magic Kingdom
Babybel Cheese as a Keto Snack option


Other Keto Options at the Magic Kingdom

As you can see, I had a great day, ate well, and managed to remain in Ketosis all day while visiting the Magic Kingdom.  As I mentioned, there are so many other options if you are willing to put in a little time before your trip.  One thing that I did not try was Casey’s Corner, but I know that they do have some great options there if you don’t mind tossing the bun!  Right now, they are offering the Buffalo Chicken All-Beef Foot Long Hot Diggity Dog.  I have not tried this, but all of the pictures that I am seeing look like they use a grilled chicken tossed in buffalo sauce on top of a foot-long hot dog that is topped with chopped celery and a garlic ranch drizzle.  I would definitely eat this if I saw it.

Eating Keto at Magic Kingdom

So, what do you think?  If you are living a Keto Lifestyle, how do you think you would manage at the Magic Kingdom?  I promise you that if I can do it, anyone can!  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below! This post is part of a four-part series where I shared what I ate in each park.  Here are the links to the posts detailing what I ate in each of the other parks:

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If you have any Keto Disney Fanatic friends or family, please feel free to share this with them as well!

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Eating Keto at the Magic Kingdom

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