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Magic Kingdom Quick Service Restaurants Ranked Best to Worst

Going to Disney’s Magic Kingdom is truly a magical experience.  From the rides to the attractions to the cast members to the food, Disney really does everything they can to ensure that every guest that enters the gates is treated to a truly magical experience.  One of my personal favorite things to do while visiting the Magic Kingdom is to try as much food as possible!  Growing up, I can remember visiting the Magic Kingdom, and I can only remember thinking that the food was underwhelming.  I am happy to report to you that things have definitely changed!  Over the last ten years or so, our family has had the great pleasure of visiting each of the quick-service dining options.  


I would like to mention that this ranking is only looking at lunch and dinner options.  Also, at the time of writing, Tortuga Tavern is officially serving a limited quick-service menu, so I have included it towards the bottom, but based on what I am hearing, it has a good chance of moving up once we get the opportunity to give it a try.

#1 – Be Our Guest – Available as a Quick Service Dining Credit for Lunch Only – View Menu

Magic Kingdom Quick Service Restaurants Ranked Best to Worst
Belle and Beast in the Castle Gallery

My family has truly enjoyed every visit we have had to Be Our Guest. When it comes to Quick Service, this location cannot be beaten for its ambiance, food quality, and overall total experience.  There are three options including the main area referred to as the Ballroom, the smaller and very dark, but truly amazing West Wing, and the beautiful Castle Gallery.  From here, you will place a device on your table, and head to the drink stations to get your choice of a wide variety of both hot and cold beverages.  Shortly after returning to your table, a server will deliver your food to you in a fancy rolling wood and glass cart.  Overall, the experience can’t be beaten, and we have all enjoyed each of our experiences here.  While it is quick service for lunch, you are still expected to make reservations online, which as of our most recent trip, was not easy to get.

#2 – Columbia Harbor House – View Menu

Not sure how we have not tried Columbia Harbor House until our most recent visit to the Magic Kingdom, but we sure are glad that we found it!  We snuck in here for a late dinner during the fireworks on our last trip, and we were truly surprised.  Kalynda is not a fan of seafood, so we had doubts, but she was very happy to find that they offered a Chicken Pot Pie that could have easily been served in any of the full-service restaurants.  I went with the Trio Platter (fish, chicken, and shrimp), and I am glad that I did.  I am pretty sure that all of the fried foods on my platter were frozen and fried, but either way, for the quick-service credit, I thoroughly enjoyed every last bite!  I heard that they had an upstairs dining room, so we headed up and enjoyed a peaceful family dinner.  We will definitely be eating here again in the future!

#3 – Casey’s Corner – View Menu

There is not much to say about Casey’s Corner except for the fact that they sell a wide variety of ever-changing hot dogs.  If you love hot dogs, you can’t go wrong with Casey’s.  We really like that they have new dogs on each visit, as well as a hot dog of the month.  Being that it is at the end of Main Street, it can get pretty busy during peak dining times in the park.  Additionally, there is very little seating, so if it is busy, be prepared to grab your food and head out to one of the sidewalks or lawns outside of the restaurant.

#4 – Pinocchio Village Haus – View Menu

Another great option over in Fantasyland is Pinocchio Village Haus.  This is a great place to visit if you have a craving for pizza, pasta, soup, and salad.  For the kids, you can also get the traditional chicken tenders with French fries.  While the food is not anything out of this world, I have enjoyed each of my visits, and will most likely eat here again in the future.  If you are someone who has a love for “It’s a Small World,” there are seats with windows that overlook the ride where you sit and enjoy the view.  Also, there is an upstairs dining room that you can check out and maybe get away from the crowds downstairs.

#5 – Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Café – View Menu

While Pecos Bill’s has undergone quite a few changes over the years, it is still okay.  I know that I have it ranked towards the bottom, but it is still a good choice if you are really hungry.  They also have a very diverse allergy-friendly menu if that is something that is important to you and your family.  They have a southwest theme going on with a menu that features fajitas, but they also have a variety of nachos, burgers, rice bowls, and more.  I really enjoyed Pecos Bill’s before they changed the menu, but like I said, in my opinion, now it is just okay.  It will do the trick…  Not going out of my way to eat here, but if I was hungry and the lines were short, I would give it another shot.

#6 – Tortuga Tavern – View Menu

I need to be upfront and let you know that we have not eaten here with the current menu (as of February 2019).  That said, I have been doing research and talking with a few of my park insiders, and I believe that if what they say is true, Tortuga Tavern has the potential to move up if they continue growing their menu and offering items similar to what they are doing now.  Right now, the menu is very small, and they are only serving a short rib sandwich, a short rib topped hot dog, a traditional hot dog, and a turkey leg.  I know that I love Disney Turkey Legs, but from what I hear, the short rib sandwich and hot dog are both pretty good as well.  If you get a chance to give it a try, leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

#7 – Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café – View Menu

In the intro, I said that my vision of Magic Kingdom food from growing up was underwhelming.  When I think about Cosmic Rays, I think about visiting when I was younger.  Burgers, fries, hot dogs, chicken tenders – all of which can be done better than Cosmic Ray’s serves them.  In watching some of the more popular vloggers and bloggers, it appears that Cosmic Ray’s tried hard to offer new and exciting burgers and sandwiches throughout the year, but I have never been there to experience anything other than the traditional, boring menu.

Well, that covers all the quick-service options that Disney’s Magic Kingdom is currently offering.  I know that we did not cover all the counter service options as that would have made this list too long, but I can assure you that we will be tackling each of them really soon.  What are your thoughts?  What does your list look like?  Let me know in the comments below.  Please do us a favor and like our post and share it with all of your Disney Fanatic friends!

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