Baymax Magic Band

The Newest Upgrade option to your Disney MagicBands is here!

For all guests staying on a Walt Disney World Resort property, Disney will ship you Disney MagicBands for free. Up until this month, there have been complimentary standard colors like red, yellow, pink, gray, orange, etc.

How to get Upgraded Disney MagicBands

This month Disney unveiled that you can now upgrade your MagicBand to include a character. Here are some screenshots of how you can order them from the Walt Disney World website when you are logged into your account (with a reserved vacation).

magicband1 Disney MagicBands
Ordering your MagicBand for your trip! – Photo Credit
MagicBand2 Disney MagicBands
List of Categories of MagicBands – Photo Credit

These Disney MagicBands are going very quickly, as two days ago when I looked at the designs there were several other designs that are currently out of stock. Not sure if the categories and Disney MagicBands available with change on a daily basis (or maybe they will just have the ones that they have overstocked), or if these are what they will move forward with and just restock as needed.

MagicBand3 Disney MagicBands
Mickey Mouse and Friends – Photo Credit

Is it worth $10?

The upgraded charge is only $10.00, which is an amazing deal, considering the retail value on these normally is $24.99 for each of them on

MagicBand4 Disney MagicBands
Disney Pixar Options – Photo Credit
MagicBand5 Disney MagicBands
Disney Princess Options (I know Flynn Rider is not a Princess, but that is how he is categorized! – Photo Credit

Hopefully, Disney chooses to re-stock some of the most popular designs really soon, as they are so fun and offer a refresh of the standard colored bands because I was really looking forward to getting my Baymax MagicBand for $10!

What are your thoughts?

Do you have a trip coming up anytime soon? Are you going to spend the extra $10 to get one of the upgraded MagicBand options? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Disney MagicBand Upgrades Now Available
Disney MagicBand Upgrades Now Available

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